Ductless mini split AC unit

How a Mini Split AC Could Save You Money

What is a mini split system?

Living room with ductless mini splitMini split systems are a flexible, energy efficient way to cool and heat your home. They have been around for many years, but have gained popularity in the US over the last 10 years. 

How do mini split systems work?

The concept is simple: they have individual fan units that mount in each room of the home to deliver air independently, or as a part of a larger system (with multiple fan units). The fan units will all connect to a single outdoor compressor that is able to control the entire home. 

What makes the mini split system so efficient?

Unlike a traditional AC system that must run at 100% and cool or heat the entire home from one common thermostat, mini split systems all have their own thermostat that is able to control each room individually. This means that you can shut off less-used portions of your home and only cool or heat the areas that are important to you. When you do this the electrical consumption reduces drastically.

Does it cost less to install a mini split system?

Mini split systems are usually cheaper to install in homes that don't have attic space for a traditional ducted layout. The only thing required is piping and electrical that must be routed to each indoor fan unit. 

Can I install my own mini split system?

Mini split systems can be a successful project for the savvy DIYer.

Here are some things to consider before installing your own mini split system:

  • Specialty tools needed to complete the install
  • Knowledge of the code for safe installation
  • Capacity of the electrical system providing service
  • Quality and warranty of the equipment available
  • Ability to purchase refrigerant if needed

Summing it up!

Mini split systems are a good solution for any home, but particularly for homes that have little or no attic space, or homes with a hard to cool/heat room (like an above garage media room). Mini split systems can save you thousands on your electricity bill if installed and sized correctly. Mini split systems do not need ducting to connect to rooms in your home, and they can be installed DIY if all the tools and expertise is acquired. Of course, if you don't want to go the DIY route, Zimmermann Air Conditioning & Heating can always help you with professional installation.

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