Man blowing his nose due to poor indoor air quality.

Mold & Air Purification

People are concerned with the air quality in their home now more than ever, and our experienced team at Zimmermann Air Conditioning & Heating frequently gets asked about how to eliminate dust and dirt in the home. So, is there a solution to reducing the contaminants we breathe because of recirculated air?

The easy answer is yes. Through advanced air filtration and purification systems, we can reduce contaminants circulated by your HVAC system and help you breathe cleaner air.

To be clear, it is impossible to remove all contaminants from your home, because some come through the doors and windows—leaking into your structure. And this fresh air is necessary to maintain the proper amount of oxygen throughout the breathing zones of your home.

Adequate filtration and a quality air purification system are great ways to help you breathe cleaner air and reduce the amount of dust and contaminants circulated by your HVAC system.

It is also important to know that these components will not fix deficiencies in your HVAC ductwork such as:

-Leaky ductwork

-Undersized ductwork

-Improper airflow

You should always have a qualified HVAC contractor conduct a load analysis to ensure that your HVAC system and ductwork is sized appropriately, which will allow your air purification and filtration systems to operate more effectively.

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