When Should I Get a New AC? Do I Really Need a New AC?

Maybe this scenario applies to you!

You come home from a hard day's work to find that it is unbearably hot in your house. You proceed to call the first available AC company that can come out and restore your comfort again. You immediately begin to hope and pray that it is a simple fix. Who really plans and saves to buy a new AC? Your worst nightmare is now your reality. You are told your air conditioner is unrepairable and must be replaced. What do you do? Take their word for it and replace the system because you can’t imagine hot sweaty nights.

Here are some pro tips:

-Politely ask the technician what component (s) have failed and how they were able to diagnose the failure. A skilled technician would not be offended by this question. They would be able to explain the exact malfunction.

-Ask for pictures of the failed component or diagnostic procedures.

-Find out if your system is under warranty. ( All systems have serial/model numbers that can be used to look up warranty with the manufacturer) If registered most AC systems have a 10-year factory warranty.

Reasons why you may need to replace your system:

  1. Any major component failure may be outside of your warranty period. This may include compressor failure, evaporator coil or condenser coil leaks. (Although these components may be replaced they only have a one-year warranty and typically costs thousands of dollars to replace outside of warranty.)
  2. Evaporator coil or Condenser coil leaks with an R22 system. In very limited circumstances a coil could be repaired but 9/10 times they must be replaced, due to the fact that R22 Freon is being phased out and will be unavailable after 2020. It is recommended that R22 systems with major component failures or leaks be replaced to save money and conserve energy.
  3. Replacement of system due to age. If a system is greater than 15 years old it is a good idea to at least consider the option of replacement to prevent catastrophic system failure out of warranty and spending money on expensive repairs.
  4. Save money with rebates. It is likely that your local energy company offers money-saving rebates for upgrading your AC system to a more energy-efficient model.

If you are considering replacing your system the best time to do so is the fall or winter as most AC companies offer special incentives during the slower season.